Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dawn of the Dead 5k

This morning was the 5K Run For Meals On Wheels. This race started at 7:30 so everyone had to be up and out of the house by 6:30.

This is where the title of my post came from. Jinelle being a teenager had the difficulty of her body realizing it was a Saturday and turning itself off and fighting all attempts at waking itself before noon.. Dee in the other hand had to work last night until midnight and her older (Sparing myself great pain here by not spitting out a number) body rebelled at her few hours of sleep as well. After telling them both I would not go alone and bring their 5k t-shirts back they both finally arose and shuffled out to the car.

The Race

Being held at the beautiful LPGA golf course up in Daytona it was a crisp sunny cool morning. Sign-in was quick and we waited for only about 15 Min's for the start. Me and Vinny started up front while the two women did not want to be run over by eager runners started way back.

Eager runners it was, at the horn half this field left me in the dust. You would have thought that someone had arrived telling everyone they had to sit through a Ashley Simpson concert the way they broke and ran from the start. Vinnie amongst them, after only a few Min's he had left me from sight.

This was the first race that I really had no leg pains at all through out. At about 1.25 miles I reeled in rabbit boy Vinnie. We stayed together for about 1/4 mile then my much longer legs and pace had me slowly pull away. He had dipped too deep into the well at the beginning with that blistering pace out of the blocks.

For all of us though this was really a good race. Every single one of us beat our last 5k time. (Times on the sidebar) Jinelle received a plaque for third place in her age group and I won the "Bongo Billy's Banana Boat Ride" for 6 door prize tickets.

Quote of the Day
Not untill just before dawn do people sleep best; not until people get old do they become wise.
---Chinese Proverb

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