Friday, March 21, 2008


Daytona Beach Shores web cam - This is a picture of the beach across the street from where I worked for several years.

Daytona Beach web cam - This one is the county's cam of the beach. It seems to be be down quite a lot though.

Robbie O'Connell's Pub Cam - This is a pub in Daytona with their own web cam. I can't say that I drink here because the last thing I want is my wife loading up a web cam and seeing me in a bar.

New Smyrna Beach cam - This is the beach just south of me.

Halifax Humane Society Puppy cam - This is my local humane society's web cam where you can watch one of their holding cages.

I figured since Disney was an hour away I would throw up one of their web cams. Ummm...
Disney has no live web cams.

I'm guessing they don't want folks seeing people stand in line or watch thier horde of dwarfs beating tourists over the head with sticks and taking their wallets. It is kind of sad that a 60 Billion dollar company cant afford a live web cam yet a Humane Society that lives on donations can. You would think that they would have one at Epcot at least. For that matter, they should have the best freaking web cams on the planet to show off their parks. Goes to show you though, just because a company has been around for years, has lots of money, has probably some of the best technology on the planet, its still run by stupid humans.

Quote of the Day
Is there anything worse than being blind? Yes , a man with sight and no vision.
Hellen Keller

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