Monday, March 17, 2008

Zen and the Art of Washer Maintenance

I have pondered many a name for this post, Maytag and Me, or
Too wash or not too wash, that is the Question.

The crux of my Sunday was that my washer decided to pierce my serene Sunday with a metal on metal scream then stop. Inside lay a load of half washed cloths in a full tub of water. As the rest of the family arrived at the scene of the washercide, we all looked on in somber hope that perhaps it was maybe a mouse or something getting stuck in a belt. (Come on everyone hopes its something simple even if there are flames and smoke)

My first hope was maybe the belt got loose and came off. (nope)
Maybe the belt just got loose (hmm.. maybe...) OK that's not it either.
My daughters suggestion..get a washboard (she got banished from the garage)
Nothing looks destroyed, melted, burned, or cracked but no movement from the washer anymore.

Time to go to the fountain of washer info. (online message boards about Maytag problems)
Found that their motors are mounted on a crappy swivel system of bearings that stick.
(Oiled bearings so motor could swivel and she is now running again) Don't cheer yet.
She might be running but that metal on metal scream persists. Not good.
Remove belt and turn everything by hand. (pump works but is eating itself as I turn it.)

Drive to Appliance Parts Store and drive around for 15 Min's because I'm lost.
Gas $6
New pump $70 (They make me a business "Johnny's washer repair")
If a homeowner comes in and buys a pump its $110 (Can you say rape)
Time spent messing with Man vs. Machine - 2hrs of cartoon network time lost

My Zen moment - watching my half washed load churn in soapy water quietly.

Quote of the Day
Automatic simply means you can't repair it yourself.
Mary H. Waldrip

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