Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Why oh why did I name my blog "The Whipor Will"? Truthfully it was for the simplest of reasons. It's the name of the street I live on, Whiporwill Drive. I just figured that It would be a lot easier for friends and family to remember the name of my street to find my blog.

The Whiporwill history lesson - I found by researching my street name that a Whippoorwill (Yes 2 P's and 2 O's) is a small bird from north and central America. He is named after his call, a gentle "whip-poor-will," and is not only nocturnal but offers some of natures best work in camouflage. The Whip-poor-will is among the most frequently evoked symbols of the rural USA.

The Whippoowill song, which I'm sure many of us have heard but have never seen one of these little guys. On another note, if I had bought a house a few streets down we could all be talking about "Forest Trolls".
Until I started this blog I had no idea what my street name even meant and now I have read poems about it, quite a bit of literature about it and listened to a whole plethora of country songs with whiporwills in them.

So do you know whats behind your street name,
other than the name of your city and a zip code on a post card?

Quote of the Day
Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them.
---Bill Vaughan

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dc said...

Thanks for the info and picture of this little bird. Living in So. Missour I have heard them alot. When they start up at nite they just can't quit. Can disrupt your sleep, but gotta love their tenacity. Oh, and I have never seen one either. (I did live on Raven Rd) :)