Saturday, January 5, 2008

5k Eve

It's the day before the big run. So I rest my weary legs to hopefully have
them recharged for tomorrows 5K.

My dinner plan on the night before the run....ummm
Dee and Jinelle ordered a couple pizzas. Dam they look good. OK I broke
and ate pizza.

Do I head to bed early seeing as I must get up at like 5:30am to be able
to get over to Deleon Springs to check in. I was planning on getting a real
good nights sleep.

Unfortunately Melanie called and wants us all to go out to a new bar
that opened just recently. I was planning on having a high carb intake
the night before the run, I just didn't intend it to come from beer.

We are home now, its late and I'm really wondering if my goal of
39 Min's is slipping away. Honestly I'm just praying we wake up at 5:30.

Alas, both the women just read this post and said screw 5:30.
They have out-voted me and it looks like we are getting up at 6:30.

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