Thursday, January 3, 2008

Resolutions 2008

1st --- Make sure Jinelle does that damn latin project.
2nd --- Finish that damn bathroom
3rd --- Finish that damn back room.
4th --- Quit using the word "Damn" so much.
5th --- I'm sure there are quite a few more but suffice it to say
if I can complete these first 4 in the next month or so
I would be pretty happy.

Ran 4 mi today at a 6% incline, burned some mojo calories. Only 3
days till the big race. 195 people signed up for it and the half marathon now.
I do believe my 39 min goal is just within reach.

Question of the day- Why do they give out only long-sleeve shirts at 5k events?
I live in Florida, I wear long sleeve shirt's maybe 10 days a year.


Vinny said...

1st - Maybe you can let Jinelle slide on that Latin project if she breaks the world record for the run!
2nd - hasn't that bathroom been a work in progress since you bought that house?
3rd - see above question...
4th - maybe instead, start using "dam"!

Nellie said...

1-If you say you want it done, why arent you helping me? -Wink Wink-
2- I agree with Vin on this one. That bathroom needs to atleast get done BEFORE we all move off to some place where no one can find us. Like Arizona. xD
3- Now the backroom just needs a couple coats of paint and a new floor. Not like your gonna RIP THE ENTIRE THING OUT. Like you want to do with the bathroom.
4-You could always use the word "Chacked" like in inventing curse words World Of Warcraft. Like when he said "Chacked Noob".