Friday, January 11, 2008

The Field Grows

It appears the field of competition has grown. I have heard that
Fran is now in training for the upcoming 5k. I'm pretty sure that
I heard from a friend of a friend, who use to have their yard done
by Power Cut that Fran was boasting how he was going to run Vinnie
into the ground.

Not that I would be spreading rumours or half-truths over the Internet
or anything like that for my own personal enjoyment. Maybe it was some
anonymous guy in an AOL chat room who said he was going to be at
that race and kick your butt Vinnie...I dunno.

Personally, you just better be training man...I'm coming for you. (Cough)
That is if my ankle gets feeling better.

Here is a link of some funny Star wars stuff.. check out the
video down near the bottom on this blog. Dark Roasted Blend

1 comment:

Big Guns said...

look out
the big guns is in the running, but not to worry as none of you are even close to my competition.