Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Big Race (Deleon Springs 5K)

First order of business, make it to Deleon Springs. Objective complete
Second " " , staying warm. It was foggy and cold this morning.
Third " " , actually having to run 3.1 miles.

Due to the second order of business I think I did the run a lot better than
I had dared hope. I was running to get my body to warm up.
All in all, everyone seemed to have a good time.

Rundown of the mornings race.

Brittany - 29:01
She was our fastest runner, playing soccer every day
definitely put her in much better shape than the adults here.
The fact that she is too young to drink the night before the
race probably helped as well.

Chet - 32:25
Probably our best trained runner in the bunch. Having
completed several marathons I was really expecting Chet to take this
short race by the horns.
Unfortunately he is old enough to drink the night before, so I'm guessing
that between the amount of alcohol still in his blood and his lack of sleep,
this eroded this peak athletes performance.

Vinnie -31:20
I feel without Lauren there to spur him on, with her biting
whit and unjustified criticism he had nothing to run for this day.
Other than to beat me ..... bastard.

Jinelle - 39:11
Jinelle had one goal this day, not to finish last. Boo Yah
In her mind there were only 8 losers in this race of 168 people,
the 8 people behind her. The fact that a 79 year old woman
smoked her by 5 min did not set well with her tho.
On the bright side, she has 63 years to beat that woman's time.

Deanna - 39:01
Having shaved 3 Min's off her best practice run, she was euphoric.
Having finished without a kidney bursting she was elated.
Not having finished the race last she was joyous.
Having beat Jinelle by 10 seconds....Priceless

John - 33:12
Well I have found no training guide that states ,
Eat Pizza, drink alcohol, be merry and most of all for gods sake
don't sleep and you will shave 6 Min's off your best 5k time.
I do believe I have a 5K Guide to write.

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Big Guns said...

wow... bravo francica's...
i'll see you all on the feb. 23rd, and hopefully i'll have company at the 18 minute mark