Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Cycle Search

Well the Dee woman has been struggling with a hurt foot. So we are
searching for an exercise bike for her now. My search had me find the
bike that reviewers all liked, then found where in town it was located.
Seemed simple enough.

Bah, The place didnt have that version first off. The version they did
have I really didnt want plus it was expensive. So went to second option,
try second place. Same as the first place. Sigh

Mel wants to go to garage sales tomorrow so will look around there I guess.
Maybe I can come across a bargain. If not it's back to the internet.

I think Im going to have a daily quote, so I can at
least post something when I'm not really feeling like
posting anything. Todays quote is about love.

"Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra
and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath.
At night, the ice weasels come. "
Matt Groening

1 comment:

Nellie said...

Having a cycle in the house will be a change, but a GOOOOOOOD change. Lol. If they didnt have it at the first two places you look then, well.....look at more places. Or do as you said and go with Mel. Look for some workout videos or something while you are on your wonderful journey of garage saling. And try not to wake me up. I dont feel like waking up early at all.

Also, you need to find a hobby or something. You have waaaaaay to much free time for this blog. Jeeze, get a job or get out more. Golfing is always good.

Oh yeah, nice quote. But why ice weasles? Why not cute little man eating gerbil or something? Yeaaaah, gerbils are always cute, or hamsters. Something that can be both cute and look innocent, until they are knawing on your insides. Buwahahahah.