Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Slim Jims

Today's post is about one of my weaknesses. The venerable Slim Jim.

Not Slim Jim Phantom..The drummer for the "Stray Cats"
Not the Slim Jim lock picking device every AAA driver carries.
Not Slim Jim Baxter that Scottish Footballer.
and not the Slim Jim cocktail (2:1) Slimfast and Jim Beam
(I am guessing this is for all those fat alcoholics wanting to stay slim)

We are talking about that beef jerky snack created back during the
Great Depression by Adolph Levis in his Philly basement and now
sold by ConAgra foods.
For $3.50 at my local WalMart, I get a can of 24 of these 4in
anti-health, anti fitness, anti weight loss, sticks of simple pleasure.

I have slowly altered our household diet over the last 5 months.
A small change here, something removed there, maybe a bit healthier
brand of something common. I do these changes gradually, maybe
one change every week or so. Most have gone unnoticed and there
is no major shock to any ones system. At the end of the day we are
all eating quite a bit healthier than we were 5 months ago.

Time for my Slim Jim's to go, yes this is the change I have picked this week.
Deanna calls them (Johnny's fat sticks) One serving of Slim Jim's
are 170 calories. Of those 170 calories, 140 are fat. (Long Sigh)
If only ConAgra had made their nutrition facts smaller on the side
of the can, I might still be enjoying these.

Quote of the Day
"The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple" — Oscar Wilde

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