Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back to Fitness

When I started this blog it was just going to be a journal about
my path to getting myself and the wife fit and healthy. I have really
kinda strayed away from that goal in the last few weeks.

Not that I don't like where I have gone or anything, I just feel that I have been straying from my path to getting fit as well. So I am going to try and dedicate at least a few days a week to posting something fitness or healthy food related and progress wise.

Saturday is our next 5k race to run. Where as the last race had us really
excited, this one...not so much. The fact it is right here in Port Orange and like 5 Min from our house is the only redeeming feature.

Both of our goals are to finish with a time better than the last race in Deleon Springs. My goal of being 200 lbs for this race I believe is realized. (I weighed in at 198 lbs this morning) I am right now 15 lbs lighter than the last race Jan 6.
For the record I have lost 27 lbs since Sept.

I really don't want to drop anymore weight though. For my height I feel pretty well proportioned at 200 lbs. I still do need to move some weight around though.

On the fitness front I have done (2) 4.5 mile runs this week. I'm finally back to running pain free again after some ankle problems. I think I'm going to cut back on the running quite a bit and move more to the weight lifting here in the near future.
I had been running close to 30 miles a week.

Dee, since moving to nights with her job has really been on a fitness craze this last 10 days or so. She does a 30-40 min fitness workout with weights or Aerobics, then runs 30 min each day. I think she is really starting to see some of her goals finally realized.

Quote of the Day
In the absence of clearly-defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it.
Robert Heinlein


Laura said...

Hey -

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope we can learn some healthy advice from each other.


kate said...

i hope deeis adjusting to the night shift now. shiftwork is so unnatural.

nice quote, too!