Friday, February 1, 2008


Jinelle now has her permit and as I browse through the Florida DMV site looking for the rules that pertain to her I read she must get in 50 hours of driving. Jinelle in all honesty fears driving, and does not want to drive.
I do believe she is content to be Mrs Daisy sitting in the back seat for the rest of her life if it was up to her. Deanna is on me to get her out driving every day now.
I'm 42 years old and I believe I have lived a pretty full life up to this point. I am not really afraid of dieing. Every time I get in the car with this young woman she scares the bejesus out of me. I'ts not her driving that scares me, its the fear in her eyes and actions that scare me. I am beginning to see the appeal many folks have with Valium.
Quote of the Day
Courage is fear that has said its prayers
--Dorithy Bernard

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twokniveskate said...

love this post! i never had the courage to do the teaching when my kids were learning...

and love the quote of the day.