Monday, February 25, 2008

Homophones and Oronyms

Eye have bean in the throws of a sic sit you asian. Aye wandered sum thyme ago two a gorges young heroin's Blog and red a post (In Bad Taste) writ in Homophones. OK, sew eye am throwing in a few Oronyms as well.

The point bean, that post lead me two look up these linguistic terms and saver the fine points of the English language. Aye baste this bazaar post on the fact that my board mined has really been cirrus stuck on these terms for a good weak.

Hoping two get this infatuation concord, eye dyne tonight on these words and hopefully having disgust them with ewe all, will bee dun with this preoccupation.
Aye dew hope this is a passing faze cents eye dont see Mable to stop.

Quote of the Day
If the English language made any sense, a catastrophy would be an apostrophy with fur.
---Doug Larson

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Laura said...

Ha! What a confusing world this could be...