Friday, February 8, 2008

In a Funk...

Spent the afternoon painting a ceiling. All I can say is, it is
one really crappy way to spend an afternoon. Step by step
Jinelle's Office/TV room is coming along.

I have really been in a funk on the workout front this last
week. I have really struggled to motivate myself to run
each morning. I really think I need to get a new goal quick.
15 days till the next 5K.

Have gotten into the mood to do some cooking again. Other
than making all the meals for the women each day I have not
really been motivated in the kitchen the last month or so.
Hit up some cooking blogs over the last few days to hopefully
wet my appetite. Added a few of the nicer ones I found to the
food links.
Kalyn's Kitchen - More diet and heathy food friendly cooking
FXCuisine - Chef who knows how to cook, great images

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