Saturday, February 23, 2008

YMCA Healthy Heart 10K and 5K Run and Walk

Todays Post will be a good bit of tips on running a 5K
Got out this morning and ran my second 5K with the wife.

Tip #1 Be prepared for any type of running conditions. My first 5k it was freezing cold, this morning it was chilly with some serious rain coming down. Rain I guess is no reason to cancel one of these events. Just be prepared to run drenched for 3.1 MI.
Tip#2 When you sign up for a 5K they give you a goodie bag with an event T-shirt and a bunch of other little do dads and coupons and such from sponsors of the race. Check your bag before throwing it in the trunk of your car. (My wife had the T-shirt, and 20 or so other odd things, my bag had a T-shirt and nuttin.)
Tip#3 When they say GO, your timer chip starts your timer. Even if you are 50 yards from the start line. So you are now running a 5.1k where the guys up front are running a 5K. This will make it a bit more difficult to eclipse your last race time.
Tip#4 If you are a slow runner or like to walk a lot, start in the back. If not that crowd of 200+ slow runners and walkers will seriously impede your progress at the beginning of the race. I spent a good 2-3+ Min stuck in a crowd of walkers at the beginning of this race.
Tip#5 Be prepared for any type of course when running a 5k. My last one was perfectly flat and had no obstacles. This one had you running on city streets and sidewalks, going up and over curbs and such. In the pouring rain this was a bit hazardous to say the least.

The conclusion to this mornings run, We both beat our times from our last run (Times over on side bar below), neither of us got hurt or felt bad at the end, we both felt we could have done better had we known a few things(See tips above), and finally we both really had a fun, wet, cold enjoyable morning.

On a side note, I had 2 older women (And I do mean older, at least 20+ years older than me) overtake me at the 2 mi mark , they both split and passed me on each side and waved as they motored on by. This was going to be my Tip #6, dont flip off old women. I thought about it for a second, then realized if they could out run me, they could probably kick my ass as well. So with a smile, I waved back and kept on running.

Unfortunately Vinnie had to work this morning, Jinelle has been sick the last few days and Dee really didn't want her out in the rain (Jinelle seconded this option) and Fran and Brittany where no shows.(Hmmm)

Our next 5k is down in Ponce Inlet on Apr 5 (Hint, Hint , Nudge Vinnie) Hopefully we can get some of them Comeaus to come out and run as well. These runs just give us something to look forward to and another little goal on our fitness training to work to.

Quote of the Day
Men live in a fantasy world. I know this because I am one, and actually recieve my mail there,
---Scott Adams


kate said...

ha! i guess you'd better not flip off any old women. one of them might just have something sharp tucked in her jogbra.....

NINANINA said...

enjoyed this..... its all about
E N D U R A N C E ! ! !
good luck running. (I think I run around 5 miles a day working at the home depot!)

Nellie said...

You'll have to remember next time, if it looks like its going to rain on the day of the run, ya might want to bring maybe a poncho or something like that. Haha. Unless you want to get soaked of course.

Kinda glad I didn't go. Or else I probably would have gotten more sick.

And that's also not fair how you go jipped by you having like 2 things in your bag and Momma having like 20 things. xD

Anonymous said...

The Comeau's won't pass up a good garage sale to run in the rain with finger waving gray hairs!! We won't make the April 5th either if Bean qualifies for the Fl relays at UF. I'll keep you posted, Fran's afraid he'll shatter your ego if he beats u by 10min or his own if he falls and bursts his beer belly!! To do To do What to do???!!!