Monday, February 11, 2008

How Time Flys...

It was a year and a half ago that I bought my bike. For the meager sum of 1200 USD I became the proud owner of a Vintage (anything older than 10 years in my book has this classification) 1990 Kawasaki Vulcan 750.

It was purchased from Jimmy the Marine who had bought it brand new back in 1990. Jimmy was a retired US Marine who use to frequent my place of employment and had befriended my entire family. He also was probably one of the most fit 70+ year old men I had ever met. Did he get rid of this bike because he was 70+ years old? Ummm...No. He got one of those new powerful Triumph's that in his own words, "Scared the shit out of him when he rode it"

To tell the whole story here, Jimmy's friend bought the Triumph brand new then passed away a month later and left it to Jimmy. Even though the bike scared him, I think he felt that since his friend left it to him he was going to keep it. Plus he is the kind of guy, I really think he likes a challenge.

In the end, yours truly now had a bike and no motorcycle license. They took that away from me when I moved to California. They were much more strict than NY State and told me I needed to take the exam again if I wanted to keep my motorcycle license.

Here in Florida It seems there is this booming business of taking some 3 day course that lasts 8 hours each day and at the end they give you your license for a fee of $190-$295. Me, I paid the $10 bucks and got a permit and rode it for a few months. It had been over 22 years since I had rode a bike, then went down to DMV and paid another $20 and took the test. Figured even if they charged me 20 bucks a pop, I could try and take it a good 15 times and I was not going to give up a Fri, Sat and Sun of my time. Passed the first time.
One note here to anyone taking this test, take it on a small bike. Maneuverability is what is needed to pass. I squeaked by on this bike.

Quote of the Day
People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it's safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs.


NINANINA said...

hey thanks for visiting my blog.... its usally my art blog but weird stuff has been happening to me as well as my ultimate plan to move to Alaska next year.
I rode a VESPA for 3 years and that's ALL I rode....(no car)! I had an accident 2 years ago and gave it up, it really threw me off.... and being over 45 when I crashed was kind of rough going. A broken arm and foot put me out of work for almost a year! but I loved that little bike. It actually went 65 MPH!
I think motorcycles look to be alot of fun...but I have never been on one! I'd have to trust the rider ALOT!

Johnny said...

Well, I live in Florida and they decided to repeal thier helmet law back in 2000. Maybe 1 in 20 folks wear a helmet here. I had 2 accidents when I was a teen on motorcyles. I know both times I would have been really hurt bad if not for wearing a helmet. My dad was a stickler about helmets and I'm still around because of it.

kate said...

hey, johnny, i was into bikes back in my wild days, never drove one on my own, though. can ya ride a bike in mukluks?

where do you get your quotes? i love them!