Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

A Poem and a little animated video for my Valentines Day post.

Love and True Love

Love is often in the air
True love is in the heart

Love always comes together
True love never falls apart

Love ignores all the lies
True love know the truth

Love is the reason
True love is the proof

Love keeps you warm at night
True love keeps you awake

Love is real what you see
True love is never ever fake

---- Oliver Brookshore

Quote of the Day
To love is to recieve a glimpse of heaven.
----Karen Sunde


ShanaRose said...

Ah HA HA!! My Valentine will love this video! Happy Day!

NINANINA said...

thanks JOHNNIE! that poem is a treat!

kate said...

i am on dial-up, and can't do videos :-(

but i loved the poem :-)