Sunday, February 17, 2008

This day in Music

Well I was wandering the nether of the electronic world when I came across the web site that tells you what was the #1 song on any given day. Since I pretty much equate music with quite a few of my memorys, I have decided to leave what was popular in music and the #1 song on the important days of my life.

The day before I was born -Eve of Destruction - Barry McGuire
(Thats kinda scary)
Day I was Born -Hang on Sloopy- The McCoys
Day I Graduated -Flashdance..What a feeling -Irene Cara
Day I joined the Navy - Footloose -Kenny Loggins
Day I first met my wife -The Next Time I fall -Peter Cetera & Amy Grant
Day I was married -Blame it on the Rain -Milli Vanilli (Weak)
Day Son was Born - With or Without You - U2
Day My Daughter was conceived- (ok I just went back 9 months from her birth) Justify My Love - Madonna
Day my daughter was born - Emotions -Mariah Carey

Ok, I look at these song titles and have to laugh when I put them with the moments of my life.

Well for any of you who want to look up a date and song here is the link.
This Day In Music

Quote of the Day
Sooner or later that which is now life shall be poetry, and every fair and manley trait shall add a richer strain to the song.
---- Ralph Waldo Emerson


dc said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog site and leaving a message. I appreciate that. Maybe I should be asking what 5 books people would take to a desert island. That would be more meaningful than what has been classified as "classics" we must read. One of my very favorite books is Centennial by James Michener. Oh, and I have saved your site to read and if I may, I plan to steal your idea of leaving a thought for the day. I love that, as I collect them and what a great way to share. After all thats sort of what blogging is about, right?

kate said...

oh, johnny, i got such a good laugh out of "eve of destuction", that is cute, but you are anything but destruction. you are about kindness and deep insight. growth, more like.