Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Snoopy...the Cat

Alright, a few years ago, Jinelle and Dee go out to the Arnie foundation and Humane society looking for a new cat for us. (Sammy our previous cat had been hit by a motorist.) I am not a cat lover so this task is all about mother and daughter bonding and my daughter wanting a small cute furry animal to cuddle, love and play with.

After several days and trips looking for our replacement pet, the two women end up with (2) cute little kittens. Macy and Ginger. Macy is this cat that is afraid of anything that moves, breaths, or makes any type of noise. Ginger on the other hand I do believe was taken before she was weaned. This kitten would sit and suck on anything thinking it was a teat and dinner was forthcoming.

With closer inspection over the next few days it was realized by all that Ginger had equipment.

All involved in the naming process now decided that Ginger was no good as a name for a male cat. So without further adieu, he was renamed Snoopy. (He was black and white and acted like a dog. Where macy was leaping from couch to chair to counter with a feline grace, Snoopy had the grace of a beagle and the leaping ability of a Dachshund and the fetching ability any canine would be envious of.)


So we jump ahead several years and who do both of these cats sleep with almost nightly. Yours truly.
Yes I could close the door to my bedroom, but then both cats sit outside and whine all night long.
When they get on the bed, do they curl up or on my wife? No. They fear her like the cobra fears a hungry mongoose. I honestly believe my wife over the years has learned some form of subconscious Jiu-Jitsu . If you enter her personal space while she is sleeping and interfere or disturb her Chi in any way, shape or form. She lashes out like some kind of sleeping Kung-fu master with a precise strike to a human or cats many vulnerable pressure points.

The cats know this and walk in fear of her when they get on our bed. Hell, I know this too. If I have to wake her for any reason I get some distance and throw a pillow at her. Fear is a powerfull thing, even in a 200+lb 42 year old man and when she is asleep, I'm freakin scared.

So I find this video that is the tale of Me and Snoopy every morning at 6:30 am.

Quote of the Day
Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect.
Stephen Wright


dc said...

I just loved the cat here!! The movie made me laugh out loud. I had a cat years ago that slept somewhere else in the house but was like an alarm clock in the morning and woke me up by quietly gettin on the foot of the bed then you could feel her sneaking slowly up along side me and then walk across my pillow and jump off the bed. Well it worked, I always got up!!

kate said...

ah-ha-ha! you are so funny! what a great post. dee is a woman after my own heart!

sad to say, i have dial-up that does not support videos, so i'm missing out on that :-(